by Aquil

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PubLic Axis Rx ...When I think about my favorite albums of the past year, at least half of them have been claimed [decisively] by Philly-based, D.I.Y. hip-hop artists. Aquil is definitely one of them... Favorite track: N U M A G I C.
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released October 28, 2016



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Aquil Philadelphia

MC extraordinare, teacher, activist, scholar etc. etc. From Philadelphia, PA with a INTERNATIONAL sound.
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Track Name: N U M A G I C
Genius see the phoenix out of the ashes no Ali a three year hiatus back to the madness/ transmuting the trauma to magic you claim it's only rapping see what happens when he invokes spoke of no mystery God/ what are odds when out of millions one fertilized in this space and time continuum ad infinitum/ adept at connecting patterns getting baffling looks at 31 spins around the Sol stuck on the lexicon still he a navy seal with that breath control/ pay these trolls no mind religion can't define what I do behoove you to know/ seen queens that read smoke and so for our folk I won't promote said helplessness exist between the crevices and shadows/ for this battle the world's a theater minus rehearsed verses cash purses incredulous crowds hopefully proud predecessors bless us/ given much style now adapted tearful piercing that fluff you hearing a hush/ out the cocoon scared of what he becoming from that infinite black substance safe to assume it's nothing to get acquainted via production reintroduction for who

Nu Magic

Idle time combined with a lack of plans grappling with your purpose while fending off attacks that's psychic can burden a man/ ocean floor heavy can you withstand the pressure mutable these days jack of all trades/ even moon phases can't influence the tidal waves of rage not congruent with where I grew up/ parted ways and promised not squander but honor ya gift treated ominous yet this out of love it's with or without a buzz got me up/ wee hours the power of expression impression placed on these sheets reach centuries millennia intrigued by pageantry/ actually alchemy journal entry spells digesting the nonsense that's fed no municipal water I'm drawing mines from wells/ more than a simple reporter forecasting sage here to master self drew from his felt pen trends eons beyond ya'll be on that Theon/ emasculated patience thin forget moral victories time to win who want it with him you dealing with the magi yea that guy/ why they provoke the noble with savagery see he combative afterwards run and hide....

Nu Magic